17 November 2020

Baffle balls

Inserted inside tanks of liquid being transported to damp down motion of the liquid.  You learn something every day.  No useful discussion at the via.


  1. Apparently they can be used in food products and energy products.

    1. Perhaps an "or" would have worked better in my sentence above.

    2. Now I know what you meant. That the balls are used in the transportation of food products (milk) and energy products (gasoline).

      I read that the food product usage is difficult because of contamination risks.

  2. Was a driver for quite a while and am a little familiar with tankers. For fuel, the tanks usually have built in baffles. these stop the surge of liquid from pushing a stopping truck through an intersection as easily. Milk trucks are well known for their
    lack of baffles, too difficult to sterilize. Therefore a little more care must be taken by their drivers. Even large IBC type containers are required to have 'tanker certified' drivers. I suspect these balls are very uncommon, they would have to either be single use for food/medicine, or perhaps used in a smooth bore tanker repurposed for non-potable use.


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