09 November 2020

Victorian staircases

One of a series of programs on the dangers of Victorian England (baths, clothing, food, infections, etc.)  Like many popular history programs, it is overdramatized and a bit repetitive, but the brief segment at about the 6:44 mark is interesting re the safety of even modern stairs.


  1. Amusingly, the subway entrance they show (with one step riser off by 1/16th inch) is just one block from Green-Wood Cemetery. Coincidence?

  2. I've noticed this with modern urban houses. My current house, built 14 years ago, has a rise of 8" and a going of 9.5" - steeper than my previous 50 year old house and much steeper than the reported Victorian rise of 12.5" and going of 13" in this program.

  3. I watched two of those Absolute History videos last weekend... one was about food and drink on the farm of a rural abbey. I watched that one due to my current endeavor of home-malting some locally grown barley.


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