25 August 2017

A modern stonecarver

A fascinating presentation by a very well-spoken young woman.  Give it a try for a couple minutes; I think you'll finish it.


  1. Fascinating! and yes, she is VERY well-spoken.

  2. Very good but I was taken aback by the claim that all artists except stone carvers say that creating something beautiful is insufficient.

  3. It's a very lovely story, but here I am worried sick about the amount of dust she's taking into her lungs....

    1. Glad it wasn't only me! Terrific video, and beautiful results, but it made me really concerned for what she was breathing in.

  4. I admire her and her work, but the video seems very romanticized.

  5. I don't think she was a good speaker at all

  6. Artist's statements are hard to write, guys. Why do we create? Because we can; because we must. That's east to say. We can talk all day about the processes. We can hint about the drives. But it's hard to speak with depth and precision about why we are driven, but surely to search for permanence is there, as is the celebration of the world — everything in the world — about us.

    See? That's just a hint.Don't worry about the words. Enjoy the creation.


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