10 December 2016

Timelapse of Google Earth images

What I find most fascinating is not the spread of cities, the shrinking of glaciers, or the drying of lakes, but rather the braiding of rivers and the formation of oxbow lakes (in at least two different segments of the video, the first at about 1:03, the other at 1:23).  

Dates and information about locations in the UR corner.  I wish there were some way to play it at slow speed.


  1. click on settings, click on speed, pick 0.25

  2. this Quora link has detailed instructions that provide additional details beyond what the earlier anonymous poster shared. It is important to have an HTML5 capable browser. https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-play-YouTube-videos-in-slow-motion

  3. You will like this. Google Earth now has a feature called Google Earth Timelapse. You can choose where you want to go, and see a 30 year time span for that location. Adjust the speed by clicking on the bottom left.

    1. i like how the rivers snake and bend!



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