30 December 2016

F*** frequency in 2016

Apparently something happened in early November.

The person who created the chart says "I tracked all mentions of ‘fuck’ on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, blogs, comments, forums and in the news using a tool called Netbase, which is a very powerful tool when it comes to monitoring social media."


  1. Gee ~ I wonder what caused that...

  2. Sad, yet incredibly funny as well.

  3. Amusingly enough.. it wasn't Donald Trump. In the referenced article it states

    "Despite the number of fucks given on November 9, Trump wasn’t the person most commonly associated with the word ‘fuck’. As the below word cloud shows, ‘local hotties’ beat Trump to the number one spot. No points for guessing what’s going on there. Aside from the infamous ‘Local Hotties’, people associated with the word ‘fuck’ are largely politicians, Jesus and a chap named Andrew."

    Like wow. Now I have to google "local hotties" to see WTF was going on..

    1. The reference in that statement is to year-long associations with the word, not references in November.

  4. Didn't think I'd be making history...


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