24 December 2016

The St. Olaf choir in Norway

Beautiful.  Posted in memory of my mother and the multiple generations of my Norwegian family who attended (and loved) St. Olaf.  Filmed in Trondheim in conjunction with the Nidaros Cathedral Girls Choir.

For full appreciation, click the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner of the video


  1. Thank you for this posting. The music was beautiful. It must be truly wonderful when heard in person in that lovely setting.

  2. PBS Broadcastings' on-line store, "ShopPBS.org" has this specific performance for sale (the St. Olaf choir and Nidarosdomens Jentekor - Norway, 2013. Currently offered at 20% off thru the 9th of Jan.)

    We got the DVD version (which comes with a 14-minute bonus presentation after the hour long performance) ~ and it's lovely. Sound quality excellent, beautifully filming. While the youtube link above is enchanting, the DVD captures even more of the sound and visual beauty of the Church and choirs.

    To find a copy for yourself, search on line at "Shop PBS" - and once there, search for "Christmas in Norway" ~ you'll find the 4 options available (CD, DVD, Combo, Blue-ray.)

    (I am not affiliated with PBS - but my wife and I so liked the link TYWKIWDBI put up that we did some googling to find it, to watch again on TV. Thank you, Minnesotastan, and I'm sorry if mentioning the link/sale is rude. Not my intent, just a lovely performance.)

    1. Not rude at all. I've had the pleasure of hearing the choir perform live. They well deserve a bit of publicity.


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