30 December 2016

The road to Glacier Point. Beautiful. And scary.

Personally I would not enjoy driving my car around that curve - especially in the outer lane.  Particularly without guard rails (unless they have been digitally removed from the photo?)

Addendum:  Guard rails not removed.  Here is the curve on Google Maps.

Via the Pics subreddit.


  1. that image looks like one half of a viewmaster 3d stereogram set.


  2. I've driven that road several times. The drop off at that point is gentle, you just can't see it. I think the clearing in the trees is actually the former site of the Glacier Point hotel.

    1. I can see your point when I sneak up to the edge and peek over on the Google Map view.

  3. Not scary at all. I've driven that road dozens of times. At most you're traveling at 10-15 mph due to all the curves and there's plenty of space off the shoulder. It's actually beautiful.

  4. I'm right there with you Minnesota. I get the creeps just going over an overpass.
    Just looking at this picture I can feel the gravity sucking me twards the computer. I'm having to hold onto my chair right now lest I fall face first into the screen.

  5. That road does get closed in Winter, it is beautiful in Summer, which is the time of the year, when we last were there.

  6. Flatlander. Living in a mountainous province, British Columbia, I have the opposite problem: not falling asleep when driving on perfectly straight, endlessly monotonous roads in the Canadian Prairies. Curves keep you awake. They make driving fun.

  7. If it's anything like the Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park, then it's possible the lack of guard rails is simple pragmatism - in some sections of that road guard rails would simply get swept away by avalanches.


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