19 December 2016

Anna walks out of Holly's life

I saw this image on a Twitter post by Roger Ebert, and it took me a while to recall the name of the movie...

Does anyone know if this is a famous street in Vienna?

The Third Man is perhaps better known for its musical theme than for its plot (note how excited the women are to be listening to the music).

Reposted from 2011 to replace the video, which was taken down.  This one will probably be taken down soon.


  1. Isn't that sorta the end of Private Benjamin?

  2. my favorite "walks out of his life" scene in film is when Barbara Bel Geddes walks out on James Stewart in Hitchock's Vertigo: from his hospital room and down the hall with a look back at the camera before a sad and slow fade out.

    but this is a great one as well.

    sorry, i don't know the location of the street. ^^

  3. Here is an interesting site that lists quite a few locations from "The Third Man":

    The street is part of the "Wiener Zentralfriedhof" the main cemetery in Vienna. Don't know the name.

  4. Ausgezeichnet! This is worth a separate post. Thank you so much.



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