09 April 2015

Making hay while the sun shines

I love videos showing people who are really REALLY good at their work (remember the man in Bangladesh carrying bricks on his head?, or the man in India throwing dough?).

This girl is really good.  I think the family probably used a hay rake to get the hay into windrows*, but rather than process it with a baler, she and the guy are hauling the loose hay, probably to a barn.  I like the way she gets the curve of the tines angled up just enough so that they don't catch on the ground while she pushes.  And if he's good, he's not only evening the load, but placing the forkfuls so that they can be unloaded more easily.

I do so love to see people work the land.  And the woods and waters.  It's what people have evolved to do.  Not push pencils.  And blog...

*Addendum.  Perhaps not a hay rake.  This family has also posted a video showing the proper use of a scythe.


  1. Do you think that they/she made those rows with a scythe?

    1. You can cut with a scythe, but the orderly rows would require some raking process. Since they have a truck, I should think they would have a hay rake -



  2. I'm impressed by the quality of the hay. I spent a good portion of this morning unloading bales, weighing and bagging up flakes. I was dealing with two levels of quality and the poor quality hay was more like grass clippings that would fall through the tines of a hay fork. I was mesmerized by the woman's fluid movement across the field and her ability to fling such a vast quantity above her head.

  3. She is a very impressive woman!

  4. And all that on bare feet. Most people wouldn't be able to walk in a field on bare feet.


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