13 April 2015

American hero fears for his life

It shouldn't be this way -
From Saturday until the video surfaced Tuesday, Scott’s killing was being portrayed by city officials as simply what Slager said it was: a case of an officer facing down a violent black man, afraid for his life. The video showed us that story was the opposite of the truth...

The young immigrant from the Dominican Republic explained that he didn’t reveal that he had shot the video right away. Then he read the police report, which peddled Slager’s story about Scott posing a threat, and “it wasn’t like that, the way they are saying.”..

... he “thought about erasing the video” recorded via cell phone on his way to work, because “I felt like my life with this information would be in danger.”..
More details here.


  1. I am sick to death of all the murders being done by the police. What is happening to our country? I am just a lowly citizen, with little money, what can I do to stop all this terrible killing? I vote, I pay my taxes, I obey the law. This widespread violence against unarmed people by the police who are supposedly there "to protect and defend" seems to be happening every week. It must be stopped.

    1. I suspect that nothing has changed. Cops have been this crap since forever. What has changed is the fact that everyone now carries a high res video camera.

      The same reason UFO's sightings have disappeared.

    2. UFO sightings have disappeared??

      There are at least as many as before, even more I think.

      Check "latest UFO sightings" on Youtube. (just think of making the difference between fake and plausible as a game. Also, to enjoy a good CGI is not a crime).

      And do not mistake "UFO" with "Alien", UFO simply means that we don't know what it is, there can be a pretty simple explanation, a more complex one, or no explanation at all.

  2. I appreciate the title of this post. The man is a hero for risking his own safety to keep us all a little safer by getting bad cops off the street.
    I've always respected cops. They have a tough job & aren't paid very well. I've spent enough time in Brazil to see the difference between bad cops & a corrupt system.

  3. Has every right to be afraid- he recorded the tip of a very precipitous iceberg.

    The nonchalance in which the officer planted the "evidence" by the body and then reported "life saving" efforts (they attempted none) are indicative of just how widespread this MO is...


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