21 December 2009

Blosics flash game

Blosics is another physics-based flash game. Only 10 levels as far as I can tell. Often frustrating, but not that hard to beat.

The image above is a screencap. The game is here.

Regular blog posts will resume Wednesday, weather permitting...


  1. I've played with this for a while, and can't get past level 9. :(

  2. Level 9 isn't too bad. knock the tops off the houses on the bottom sides with a straight shot each way. That should give you around 30 points.

    Then aim a size 10 as fast as you can straight across the bottom parts of the top houses. It should knock the greens clear, while dropping most of the reds back on the platform.

    Level 10 is a real toughie for me, but I got it.


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