11 December 2009

This week's posts at Neatorama

Shrink It is a very simple physics-based game. Those who enjoy such games (and who have many hours to expend) should explore this blog's game category.

Progress bars (countdown timers) on traffic lights - energy-saving idea, or a temptation to drag race?

Truffles. No need to go to France. They are now being grown in rural Tennessee. And they fetch $640 per pound.

North Korea just revalued their currency to 1/100 its former value. Here's why, and what the implications are re paper money worldwide.

A photo gallery of China's 56 official ethnic groups. Nice pix.

A rural town in Brazil has an incredible proliferation of twins. National Geographic explores the possible reason.

Introductions to songs that were featured in movies and Broadway plays. A quiz.

Why tomato plants have hairy stems. You'd never guess.

Why Uranus is tilted.

The oldest toy Santa manufactured in the United States was depicted wearing a blue gown.

A "magic trick" you can do for little kids.

Norman Rockwell traced his paintings from photographs. It's no secret, and not a big deal.

The world's smallest orchid is miniscule.

A video of a teddy bear toss will cheer you up if you're in a bad mood.

The Czech Republic has liberalized its laws re recreational drugs.

Cookies that look like bacteria on agar in Petri dishes. Cooler than it sounds.

Sex in ancient Greece on display in Athens.


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