14 December 2009

Early 3-wheel cars

"Une voiture tellement simple que même une femme peut la conduire!"

From the discussion thread at "Cycle Santa Monica":
The video shows two different 3 wheel cars. The first one shown has the cab all the way forward with engine or electronics (batteries and motor) in the rear.
The second car, the folding one, is different all together and has the enging/motor ahead of the cab area and has a "trunk" of sorts which simply covers the rear wheel.

Also you will notice that the first car has no steering wheel, which would indicate levers control the steering (common on front entrance and early electric vehicles) while the second has a steering wheel on the passenger side.
Via Titam and Bits and Pieces.

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  1. I remember three classy, elderly, women driving around Ann Arbor several years ago(55 or 60) in an old Baker electric car. When we saw the car parked downtown we would try to wait around until they finished shopping so we could watch them drive away. As I recall, the seats were arranged around the cabin instead of being in rows. The ladies would sit down with one of them at the tiller, and when they were settled the car would leave. Just like that. Not a sound. No starter, no engine sound...no noise at all. It was a cool experience for us 10 year olds.


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