11 December 2009

Anti-drunk-driving video compilation

For 20 years the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) in Australia has been posting video public service announcements about the dangers of drinking and driving. They apparently are notable for their brutal frankness. Here is a 20th anniversary montage of clips from those videos.

Note - graphic violence, but anyone who has worked in a hospital or law enforcement can tell you that reality is even worse than what is shown here. Don't drink and drive.

Via b3ta.


  1. I grew up watching these in Australia. The one that affected me the most had no driving in it. It was just a man returning home and trying to explain to his wife that he'd killed a young girl, and her reaction. It was excruciating. Some of these are brilliant filmmaking.

  2. Our worst nights were Christmas and New Years Eve. There is nothing quite as devastating as being first on scene and discovering that the patient is someone you know.

    The ones who were left behind were the ones who were hurt the most. I gave one day classes at high schools for years on this subject. I don't do it anymore because nobody seems to care.

  3. Brutal, just as it should be. Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to pass it on.

  4. wow...

    i had a friend killed by drunk driving 6 years ago this christmas.

  5. I have known several victims.

    People are more aware of the dangers since these campaigns started but still people take a risk- there is no excuse for it.

  6. Part of the problem is the people who drink and drive and hurt or kill others. Another part of the problem are people who drink and drive and DON'T hurt anyone -- they think because they did it once without harm that they can do it again or that it's not the hazard everyone says it is.



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