31 December 2009

Comparing generations

There's some truth in this. (wish they hadn't misspelled buses).



  1. I always find these infuriating.

    (1) There are no clear generational boundaries.

    (2) It always seems to glorify the past as experienced by middle/upper class white people. "The greatest generation" also knowingly withheld penicillin from syphilis patients in Tuskegee, attacked black civil rights protesters, and started proxy wars all over the globe. Pollution was so rampant then that the Cuyahoga River caught fire. In those days cancer of any type was a death sentence. Things weren't better in the past, people just had to make tougher choices.

    (3) Sure today's youth seem obsessed with trivialities, but it is precisely because of the safety and prosperity they enjoy that they can be so trivial. They have never been put to the test. They might make even better decisions given the opportunity. When they come to power in 20-30 years we will have a better idea.

  2. "Busses" is actually in the dictionary as an acceptable plural for bus, along with "buses." I looked it up when a sign near my apartment was driving me crazy.


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