23 December 2009

And Now We Are Two

Yesterday we celebrated TYWKIWDBI's two-year "blogiversary" with an appropriate libation.

As the photo above suggests, "blog years" are much longer than regular years - longer even than "dog years." And, as the years go by, blogs tend to evolve in unexpected ways. Here was my original post on 12/22/2007, entitled "The Journey of a Thousand Miles..."
... begins with one step (Lao Tzu, ~550 B.C.).

I should begin with a word of acknowledgement regarding the blog title. In the 1970s the president of Bluegrass Mensa, Jackson Lackey, published a newletter entitled TYWKIWDTY (Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Tell You); I've simply changed the last two words*, but the purpose remains the same - to compile for the amusement of my friends an eclectic collection of gleanings from the internet, from my readings, and from my files.

As with most blogs, the content will lean toward lighthearted humor, trivialities, ephemera, curiosities, and exotica - but I reserve the right to delve into sports, current events, social commentary, politics (especially presidential politics), and even conspiracy theory as the mood strikes me.

This is a pasttime, not an obsession, so there will not be new material daily. I may post a dozen items one day and nothing for two weeks thereafter. Friends and relatives who wish to monitor the contents would probably be best served by checking in here each week rather than on a daily basis. I welcome comments; I moderate them not for content, but to keep the site spam-free.

*and yes, I do know that it should be "blog them" to match "things", rather than "blog it", but for the sake of being able to pronounce the acronym, I'll leave it as is.

Update 2009: TYWKIWDBI was originally the acronym for "Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog It", but a visitor noted that the "it" could be changed to "incessantly" for better grammatical correspondence. By that time the blog had grown from an occasional task to a daily matter, so I made the change in the name.
I note with truly mixed feelings that my original intention of posting "a dozen items one day and nothing for two weeks thereafter" has changed to the extent that I find myself apologizing for taking a few days off for Christmas.

Anyway, things are now back to "normal." I hope nothing has gone on in the world these past several days that I need to catch up on...


  1. I certainly am glad you have switched to blogging incessantly. This blog is one of the ones I check daily for new content. I appreciate your effort. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


  2. My Google reader follows you like a limping stalker. Have a great holiday!

  3. Happy Birthday! and do keep blogging incessantly--with the occasional holiday break.

  4. Happy Birthday to us (the readers!)

  5. Now I can finally grasp at some semblance of greatness, TYWKIWDBI and I share a birthday.

    Thank you for bringing such wonder, and such diverse content, to the web.

  6. G - December 22 also shared with Diane Sawyer, Maurice and Robin Gibb (of the BeeGees), Ralph Fiennes, the emperor Diocletian, and other notables...


  7. CONGRATS!!! More like an old friend than a two year newbie...

    One day I'll get the name, the letters, whatever, right. For now you'll remain the inexorable, prolific, and always entertaining and educational Tae Kwon Do!

    Didn't really mean the "inexorable"

  8. I almost had a panick attack when I read your orginal recommendation to only check in once a week;)
    Have a very merry Christmas... like everyone else taking a peek at your blog this morning I should be baking a pie or something, haha.


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