19 March 2017

Remembering the Metropolitan Blues All Stars

When I lived in Kentucky in the 1980s,  I had several opportunities to hear the Metropolitan Blues All Stars perform.  The group members came from in the hills of Eastern Kentucky; they came to Lexington for concert performances (or to Louisville for Lonesome Pine Specials as in the 1987 one embedded above).

I particularly remember Rodney Hatfield's prolonged harmonica riffs, and I have an old VCR tape with Caroline Dahl really rocking the keyboard; I understand she later moved on to San Francisco for a successful career there.

I wonder if any other readers here remember the group.  Miss C?


  1. They were awesome, my Uncle David played drums

  2. Heard them at the Black Mountain Folk Festival (I think) in the early 90's and wish I still had the cassette I bought. They were great!


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