27 December 2009


I'm a male, so I can't speak from any experience re these things, but they do appear to be clever inventions. Small, removable (and reusable) flanges that slip on over high heels to increase the surface contact area and prevent the heel from entering cracks, grates, and soft earth.

Source, via Cindy Leyland.


  1. I wouldn't wear these...they look funny. I'd probably just do what I always do...step carefully.

  2. Clearly a Ronco product for the Walmart shopper. Of course, the sensible (male) in me says, "Wear sensible shoes!" Heh!

  3. Ha. If your shoes need to have attachments added to make them properly usable, then you really need to just buy better shoes. I'm female and would never wear shoes that stupid.

    This is not meant to be a criticism of the post of course. :) The flanges are probably a good idea for women who don't have the self-confidence and self-respect to wear sensible shoes.

  4. I agree with everything Alys said. :P

  5. Alys,
    I remember Dr. Madeleine Albright
    saying something about how if you think women can run the world better than men, then you've never meant any 9th grades girls.

    (Sorry I couldn't find the exact quote.)

    I love heels, absolutely adore them. I've always worn them and I am a confident, self-respecting women who would never look down nor insult another women on her choice of footwear.

    While I don't see the need for these myself, I think it's great that women can feel confident and have amazing, gorgeous heels with that great, perfect outfit for any event, even an outdoor BBQ.

    Enjoy your sensible, intelligent shoes Alys by all means and I hope you have a Happy New Year's!

    (The last comment was deleted 'cause it had to many errors, I'll preview before posting from now on.)

    P.s Stan, enjoy your New Year's and thanks again for 2009 and all the great posts!

  6. They're a bit like the tips old people put on their walking sticks.


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