01 December 2009

"E.T." - the revised edition

In 2002 Stephen Spielberg released the 20th anniversary edition of "E.T." Several aspects of the original were altered...
... including ones of E.T. running in the opening sequence and being spotted in the cornfield. The spaceship's design was also altered to include more lights. Scenes shot for but not included in the original version were introduced. These included E.T. taking a bath, and Gertie telling Mary that Elliott went to the forest. Spielberg did not add the scene featuring Harrison Ford [as Elliott's principal], feeling that would reshape the film too drastically. Having become a father, Spielberg was more sensitive about the scene where gun-wielding federal agents threaten Elliott and his escaping friends; he digitally replaced the guns with walkie-talkies.
Via the new shelton wet/dry.

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  1. Another prominent change made in the movie comes in the Halloween scene, when Michael wants to dress up as a terrorist. The word 'terrorist' was replaced with 'hippie' during one of the re-releases.


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