23 December 2022

The only place in the world where four countries meet... almost

A great pub quiz question.  Via.

If you have time, try taking the You Don't Know Africa quizzes. 

Addendum:  Apparently they don't exactly meet.  An unknown reader provided a link to Kazungula -
At Kazungula, the territories of four countries (Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia) come close to meeting at a quadripoint. It has now been agreed that the international boundaries contain two tripoints joined by a short line roughly 150 metres (490 ft) long forming a boundary between Zambia and Botswana, now crossed by the Kazungula Bridge. The ever-shifting river channels and the lack of any known agreements addressing the issue before 2000 led to some uncertainty in the past as to whether or not a quadripoint legally existed...
More on worldwide quadripoints.


  1. It seems to me that Angola ought to be given an opportunity to make it FIVE countries meeting at a single point.

  2. Missed it by about 150 meters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazungula

    1. Thank you kind sir/madame/miss. I greatly appreciate it when readers add information to my posts. :-)

  3. That peculiar extension of Namibia is the Caprivi Strip - an 1890 realpolitikal concession to a transcontinental Germany: https://blobthescientist.blogspot.com/2021/05/caprivi-strip.html
    "This gave the German Empire about 100km of prime river-front property in the middle of Africa. They were delighted to have put one over on the Brits. The Brits were beside themselves with glee because they knew the Zambesi fell off a cliff 40km downstream of the new German territory at the Victoria Falls. No amount of locks would get German steamers past that."

  4. Maybe all of Africa should be reboundried into a sort of geographical basketball-hands-huddle where 54 countries meet.


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