01 December 2022

Not a pine cone (it's an ootheca)

More information at The Daily Mail about what to do if you find one on your Christmas tree.  See also Wikipedia.


  1. I found one on a shrub several years ago and happened to be there the day the babies hatched out, it was amazing. Some would form chains with their bodies, hanging down from the pod, and blow with the breeze until the chain was long enough for the lowest baby to grab a leaf or branch, then one of two things would happen: the chain would drop it’s hold on the pod and they’d scurry up from the bottom OR newly hatched babies would use the chain as a bridge to the other branches/leaves. And there were so very many of them. I have a video on one of my devices, but don’t know which…

  2. Wow, anon, that was a very cool thing to witness, you're very lucky.


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