31 December 2022

A collective New Year's greeting to and from the readers of TYWKIWDBI

I'll open with a photo of our calendar-cover eldercat Panda 
under a minimally-reassuring blankie at the veterinarian's office.  
We at TYWKIWDBI World Headquarters share his sentiments.

"Happy days to everyone and everywhere!!!" - Skeetmotis

"Happy Hannukah from me and my cat!" - Delagar

"My Grandfather's Grandfather Hardress of Gloster, King's County and this descendant hope you have somewhere dry and warm to sit this winter." - BobTheScientist

"To the TYWK community, Merry Christmas 
and Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2023." - The Slide Guy.

"Holiday greetings to all" - Crazy Ravens Studio

"Seasons Greetings" - Professor Batty

Health and Happiness in 2023! - Conner Bamboo

"Judged the best Christmas present this year. 
"Trust me there is a funny story behind it but too long to tell" - erin

"Best wishes to all for 2023 and beyond" - Tom

"I hope that 2023 gives you the chance to get out 
and do the things you wish to do." - Scouter573


  1. Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2023 is wonderful for you.

  2. What a wonderful set of greetings!

    Happy new year to all.

  3. It’s good to see that I’m not the only greeting with a cat, although it is hard to beat that boar’s head!

  4. Erin, the "25 words or fewer" guidelines for greetings don't apply to the Comments section, so can you share with us the story?

  5. happy new year, everyone! May 2023 bring you all you need, and some of your desires.

  6. > "Trust me there is a funny story behind it but too long to tell"

    Is it a boar-ing story?

  7. My brother has a black dodge challenger he named "The Pig". He went so far as to put a pig bobble head on the dash. While on vacation his car was stolen. It was found out of gas about 40 miles away. The only thing they took was his bobble pig! Son in law goes to auctions and buys weird crap, felt the boar was appropriate.

  8. I published the story but I think it was lost.

    1. Just to clarify what happened. No comments on TYWKIWDBI are automatically posted; they all come to my emailbox for review so I can delete spam, nonsense, junk etc. I usually review and approve comments within a day or so.


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