01 December 2022

Does the world really need an off-road Lamborghini?

As reported by Bloomberg:
Porsche recently debuted an off-road version of its 911 sports car, the 911 Dakar. Now another brand that made its name building track-focused sports cars wants to do the same. On Nov. 30, Lamborghini unveiled the Huracán Sterrato, a jacked-up version of its $270,000 Huracán supercar...

The Sterrato is for neither rock crawling nor forging through dry river beds... The best it will do is carry you across “loose or dirt surfaces,” the company says. Let’s be honest: In many parts of the world (even and especially those owned by rich people), that describes the driveway. Sterrato means gravel in Italian...With road clearance barely able to handle speed bumps, and exterior visibility an afterthought in that cockpit, carbon fiber chins and splitters and rims tend to get scraped, even on the most innocuous city streets...

Underneath the hood, this dirt-road Huracán boasts a 610-hp, V10 engine that goes zero to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds, and has a top speed is 160 mph. By comparison, the Huracán STO gets to 60mph in just under 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 196 mph... Pricing in Europe starts at €263,000 ($272,0000); US pricing has yet to be announced. 
And note the fine print in the photo caption: "the car can be controlled remotely by an app."  Supercool.  I can sit at my desk and send the car down to the local mall to pick up a carryout order of General Tso's or a Pollo Laredo.  And it can get there in less than a minute.  

More  information about the Huracan at Just a Car Guy

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  1. We need this car. I've been reading more and more stories about the super rich becoming homeless. Seems they leave their estates in a Ferrari or Lamborghini and then fail to negotiate driveway gravel patches on the return home. Unable to make the grade to those repurposed cathedral doors, on that 14,000 square foot abode (this was mentioned as an average in the news story), and properly discouraged, these poor folks are reduced to wandering back down the requisite "hill" to their neighborhoods and soon begging strangers for a bottomless glass of Screaming Eagle Cabernet, 1992. They're promptly discouraged from remaining in the area, now being in an obviously vagrant-like state. It's utterly inhumane to go on withholding suspension systems we all know can be easily appropriated in every civilized country in the world. End the heartbreak.


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