16 December 2022

Divertimento #193 (gifs)

Start with:  "Flying table" magic trick (and here)...  Then: ... explained\
Hijab-free protests by Iranian women.  Hijab-burningMore.
Ukrainian drone takes down Russian drone.  Welcome to modern war.
Most-Googled search terms 2021 state-by-state
Mother of 12 children begins her day
Disassembling a carReversed is more interesting (send this one to someone).
Drone equipped with a flamethrower
Gift card scam *** (share this)

Hamster puts eight carrots in his cheeks, eats the ninth one
Wild pigs exit a cornfield
65,000 pre-spawn salmon died from Canadian drought
Eurasian blue tit builds nest, raises 8 chicks - all in 2 minutes
Albino porcupine (scroll down for the gif)
Sarcastic fringeheads display with their mouths.
Service dog in action.  And a helper dog.  And border collies are amazing.
Sheep relieved of 35kg of excessive wool

Nature and Science
Timelapse of hurricane storm surge.  And a timelapse of the satellite view
Planthopper nymph is not popcorn
Science experiment in zero gravity.  Explained by an aerospace engineer in the comments.
The heliosphere illustrated
Plant fires its seeds in series in various directions
Pulling amethyst crystals out of the ground
Stephen Hawking's party for time-travelers
It's apparently called a "lava boat"

Impressive or clever
Stuntwoman in training. Looks scary, but note the first comment.
The value of a helmet on a cyclist
Castle being built with 13th century technology
"Stairway to heaven" created with fireworks
Time lapse of paint stripper (methylene chloride)
Cake icing machine.  I want to lick that spatula.
The skills of a heavy equipment operator
"Hydro excavation" prevents damage to underground structures
World record 13-second solving of 3x3 Rubik's cube - blindfolded

Sports and athleticism
Impressive archery feats
Young dancer (at their age I was learning the box waltz)
Spelunker enjoying his hobby

Fails and wtf
Lauren Boebert says she doesn't know what a "wonton killing" is
Idiot drills into a gas tank full of gas
Freight train vs. truck, seen from interior cam
23 contact lenses removed from a woman's eye
Car driver almost misses his exit
Florida man messes with apex predator [lives]
Escaping an attempted armed robbery

Humorous or cheerful
"It's a tradition in Bhutan to see if a man can shoot straight when his manhood is being touched."
Not sure what to call this (?cardio) - but it looks like fun
Severely neglected puppy gets professional grooming
All dogs in the shelter were allowed to choose a toy for Christmas

The seasonally-appropriate embedded photos are entries from the 2022 Northern Lights Photographer of the Year competition.   About 20 more images at Capture the Atlas, via Neatorama, and via Madame Jujujive's always-interesting Everlasting Blort.  Individual photographer credits and locations at the gallery link.


  1. Thank you very much, so much fun and information. Like a mini education peppered with so-that's-how-it's-done.

  2. I wasn't going to make any comments but "driver almost misses" has forced me to.
    So first - "idiot drills" obviously isn't a professional criminal as they all know you use a brushless drill motor for this.
    Second "train v truck" is a good example of it usually takes more than one failure to make an accident.
    Last "driver almost misses" makes a good case for summary execution.

    1. Apparently the driver whose almost missed was tracked down by the authorities. https://shareably.net/driver-ignors-accident-caused/

  3. I don't think anyone is isolated enough to be self-made at anything, but as far as billionaires go, Oprah Winfrey is about as close as a person can get.

  4. Trained border collies are pretty amazing. Untrained border collies are amazingly obnoxious.

  5. Kirsten Kirksen has a (IMHO, better) video about the castle building as well.


    Interestingly, the rebuilders of Notre Dame have taken instruction from the castle builders.


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