20 December 2022

Good boy !!!

Yvonne Faulkner-Grant and her husband, David Grant, noticed something unusual about their dog Scruff last year while they were out walking in their town of Nuneaton in central England...

Border collies are natural working dogs and love to play fetch, she said, so she and David were happy when Scruff started picking up discarded plastic bottles in fields, parks and streets around town...

In February, Scruff upped his game and found 61 plastic bottles, followed in March by 110 bottles and one plastic cup. In August, he found a whopping 143 bottles, David said... “There are definitely more than 1,000 right now,” David said. “There are very few days when Scruff doesn’t find one.”
More of the story and more pix at The Washington Post.


  1. Wow. I need a dog like this on my block. On good days there's about that many bottles and cans to be found in each individual shrub. (Let's not start about the cigarette butts.)

  2. Buy that good boy some treats with the bottle deposit money!


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