10 December 2022

It could be a reptilian eye...

... but it's a small lake in the woods in Poland.  

Credit: Maciej Krzanowski, from the Environmental Photographer of the Year competition, via The Guardian (more entries at the link).


  1. The trailer for the movie "Troll" might make you see this "eye" in a whole new light.

  2. Some years ago, I recall a similar discussion on, I believe, Wikipedia. If I recall right, here were some of the distinctions (at least the ones I put in)....

    First, I don't think a lake or pond should be judged solely on size. Certainly Lake Superior is larger than any pond, but there are small lakes and large ponds, so there ought to be more to it.

    One of them is that lakes are typically fed by rivers. They may or may not have a river flowing OUT of it (see the Great Salt Lake--which is that way because water flows in, but not out. Typically, though, water does flow out of a lake.

    A pond may be fed by springs (or simply runoff from the surrounding landscape), but is typically not fed by rivers.

    Cool little fact that I have used in church: "The Dead Sea is not dead because nothing flows into it, but because nothing flows OUT of it." (The Jordan River flows into it, but because there is no outlet, evaporation leaves behind nutrient-rich waters that are too dense to support most life.)

  3. https://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2022/12/11/1139524126/photos-dead-sea-water-level-dropping-sinkholes-erosion


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