02 December 2022

Kottke is back

Just a quick note to alert readers that Jason Kottke has resuscitated his eponymous blog after taking a 7-month sabbatical from blogging.  I mention this because the breadth of material in his blog and the often eclectic subject matter makes it one of the most TYWKIWDBI-like blogs in cyberspace.  And Jason Kottke is a legend, having achieved a Lifetime Achievement award for blogging four years before I even started this one.

I will harvest occasional material from Kottke for this blog, but I suggest you do bookmark his site and check it on your own, because there's lots of stuff there.  His archive holds 30,000 posts (mine has about 18K), dating back to 1998.

1 comment:

  1. thank you for the referral. in my world, the letters: Kottke would first bring to mind guitarist Leo. Today, scrolling down the posts since kottke.org came back from sabbatic ... confirms to me your enthusiasm for this blogger's work. have it in my browser bookmark toolbar now.


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