20 August 2021

"To maintain a supple mind..."

 "To maintain a supple mind, the gerontologist Marios Kyriazis, who is in his sixties and heads the British Longevity Society, reads the newspaper upside down, and whenever that becomes too easy, he reads the newspaper upside down and reflected in a mirror. Think of it as an alternative to Sudoku."


  1. With all that's been in the news lately, I'm finding it difficult to read right side up; sigh

  2. Reading upside down and mirrored sounds harder, but might actually be easier than reading just upside down, because the reading direction stays left > right, only with the letters flipped horizontally.

  3. i read 'tie wiki wid bee' to stay supple!

    p.s. that is how i mentally pronounce the unpronounceable :-) name of this blog. :-)



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