20 May 2021

"The coexistence of diversity and unity"

I have been advised by readers that I should not criticize or mock modern fashion because I don't understand what is going on.  I do try to understand, in this case visiting the website of LEJE, a Parisian fashion house, to read the "about":
"Straight-Curve, Oriental-Western, Decomposition-Conjunction, Masculine-Feminine, Subculture-Luxury, etc.  The brand demonstrates the charming “disparities” between these elements and the harmony hidden within the contrast.  The essential elements and sources of inspiration for LEJE are the coexistence of diversity and unity and the tension between irregularity and regularity, which are noticed in the unusual cuts, creative details, and sensual materials."
These jeans are available for USD $528.  My thanks to John Farrier at Neatorama for alerting me to this product.


  1. When I see this sort of thing I'm inevitably reminded of Tom Wolfe's thesis in "The Painted Word" that the essential ingredient of "modern art" is the theory that explains/justifies the creation, not the creation itself. "Without a theory to go with it, I can't see a painting."

  2. Somewhere the disembodied head of Marie Antoinette is smiling.

  3. If you can't "criticize or mock" that, what can you criticize or mock?

    1. Go to the right sidebar of TYWKIWDBI and scroll down to the "categories" section, then click on the "fashion" link:


      - and then scroll back a few pages to about 2018 and before, and you'll see posts like these:


      - and keep scrolling back. But there's lots of interesting stuff in that category as well.


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