18 May 2021

Evidence of communism?

From the Twitter thread of an Arizona state senator

According to Arizona Central "The digital message in the photo was one of several ADOT has on rotation, Karamargin said, and it was taken out of rotation on Thursday afternoon — the same day as Townsend's tweet —  but not in response to any "specific" complaint, he said."


  1. We are experiencing the dumbening. Amazing what disinformation and propaganda can do. I'd like to see It Can't Happen Here re-worked for our current times.

  2. I'm sure all the unvaccinated people will keep wearing their masks like they're supposed too. Right?

  3. I have no idea how this is communism. Or anything close to it.

    It is very weird how in the US, communism has become a catch-all term for anything a right-wing politician doesn't like.

  4. I suspect Kelly Townsend couldn't define communism and has has absolutely no idea what life is like in China. How do these dimwits get elected?

  5. Well, she's a senator, the people have elected her? I'm from Germany, we've elected Hitler in a democratic election (the whole process till he became "Reichskanzler" is complicated, but in any case it had been no coup or revolt or something like this). A weakness of democracy, but therefore democracy has to become defended, a democracy needs democrats.


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