09 May 2021

Introducing Carla Juri

I recently rewatched Blade Runner 2049 and was impressed by the portrayal of Dr. Ana Stelline, the "memory maker" who designs implanted memories for replicants.  The character has arguably the most important role in the movie, and the actress - Carla Juri - was unknown to me.

She is a Swiss actress, with experience in European films, such as Feuchtgebiete ("Wetlands") in 2013:
This is arguably the role she is best known for. The novel it is based on was a controversial best seller in Germany. To prepare for this role, Juri wore the clothes of her character, Helen, for several weeks and spent a lot of this time in Berlin, where her character lives. She even went undercover as a student in a highschool where only the director of the school knew she was an actress.
So I borrowed the DVD from our library, and it was a real eye-opener.  I should note here that the trailer is quite NSFW:

TYWKIWBI does not normally embed NSFW material, but I think this is a useful portrayal of how differently European cinema (and European society) treats sexual function and sexual organs compared to Hollywood and Americans in general.  This is an enjoyable movie and was I think rightfully celebrated at various film festivals,


  1. Hi, found a small typo, it should be "Feucht Gebiete" and not "Feuchte Gebiet".

    1. While we're picking those nits: there shouldn't be a space between the two terms either. In German, compound nouns are always written as one word, so Feuchtgebiete.

    2. And you are quite correct as well. Fixed again. Vielendank.

  2. Thanks for this share. Holy crap. That trailer was a ride by itself. I am prioritizing this on my to-watch list.

    Sidenote, but related: there's a TCM option on HBOMax. TCM is having a "film festival" and there's a bunch of supporting content with filmmakers and some featured films. We watched "Namesake" (2006) and it was something special. Great photography, performances, story and pace. It felt more like watching a heavily illustrated novel than a movie. Anyway, thought I'd share if you haven't seen it yet.

  3. Finally came around to watching Feuchtgebiete the other day. I liked it a lot; thanks for the tip, Stan, you rascal ;)


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