28 May 2021

Fishing from a chair ladder

The lure of truly big trout — and the thrill of encountering a fish that was once thought to be extinct — had me and a friend strapping house ladders to our car roof for the 11-hour ride from Portland, Ore., to Pyramid Lake [Nevada] in early April.

Our ladders seemed pedestrian next to the local models — custom contraptions made by a Reno craftsman which included a platform and a padded seat.

“When people first started fishing the lake, they used milk crates,” recalled Joe Contaldi, principal guide with Pyramid Lake Anglers. “This helped them cast far enough to reach the drop-offs where the fish cruise looking for food. And it also helped them get above the cold water.” The crates gave way to conventional ladders and then to chair ladders.
The story continues at The New York Times.


  1. interesting use of DNA to prove it is the same fish. i am not sure why they said it was 'extinct', as the fish was alive, just not there?


    1. Text at the link explains that the fish was once THOUGHT to be extinct.


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