09 May 2021

Interesting rock

Best explanation from the discussion thread:
It's not carved. These are likely iron and manganese concretions that develop similar to the way a pearl develops, but in a swamp. When soil undergoes constant wetting and drying it forms super concentrations of certain minerals; iron, manganese, and calcium being some of the most common. As it formed, gaps were filled in with silt and eventually it became encased in a mudstone. It has since eroded to reveal the layers of build up.
I've encountered a few concretions, but never any as elaborate as this one.

1 comment:

  1. Dog biscuit of sheepishly smiling raven/blobfish/Coyote character (right, facing left) inhaling a rocketship/dildo/choochoo-train/WW1-tank/chariot (so mostly vehicle) amid waves of magical miasma.


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