04 May 2021

May Day celebration (1939)

Before the internet, before television - before Life As We Know It.


  1. We had a maypole at my primary school (Queensland, Australia) that was still used circa late 80's/early 90's

  2. This is a village in Bedfordshire, not far from Bedford itself.
    I Could walk there in an hour or so! The village green is still pretty much as you see it there, no maypole last time I was there though they're not all permanent fixtures.
    The building the cart stops in front of is the Elstow Moot Hall which is 15th century, and was where John Bunyan preached before being arrested and imprisoned in Bedford Gaol (where he wrote "A Pilgrims Progress".)
    The village is soon to be swallowed up by Bedford as it expands. When I first moved here 30+ years ago there was clear space between the town and the village... all but gone now.


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