07 September 2019

Re socialized medicine

From the MurderedByWords subreddit, where the discussion thread dismantles the lie that medical care in the United States does not involve a waiting time.


  1. There's nothing wrong with socialized healthcare. Healthcare in a socialist country, or under a socialist regime, that's a different story.

  2. Anyone who say we "can't afford" national healthcare straight-up doesn't know what they're talking about, since we essentially pay for it already, only in the most expensive, inefficient way possible. And it's a huge myth that Canadians pay "so much more" in taxes for their "terrible" system. In truth, they pay about 10% more on average than we do, and they get a lot more for their money.

  3. I love the "failure of Obamacare" line people keep spouting. I work in mental health in Massachusetts. There may be a shortage of providers, but that's been the case all along. Now at least everyone has access, and it sure isn't sinking the commonwealth. Climate change is taking care of that...


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