03 September 2019

Crazy stupid

When Wisconsin children return to school this week, close to 50,000 of them will have waivers that exempt them from vaccines, leaving them vulnerable to measles at a time when the nation has experienced its largest outbreak in 27 years...

Immunization rates of 92% to 95% are considered necessary to provide what health officials call "herd immunity."... Not a single county in 2018 came close to the 92% threshold. In fact, 40 of the 72 counties had immunization rates below 80%.
From the (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel.


  1. It is the folly of man that we forget the pain that bourne our public health system.

  2. You misunderstand. These are the people who realize that the real problem is overpopulation, and they're doing their best to lend a helping hand.

    1. Darwin Award candidates do a service to mankind, but it shouldn't be structured as Darwin-Award-by-proxy using their children.

  3. This anti-vaxxing should be ruled unconstitutional because it infringes on the right to life and the pursuit of happiness of those at risk of infection.

    This is freedom gone mad. This is people not realize that their freedom ends when it hurts others.

  4. The parallels between the Roman Republic and the American Republic are clearer every day. The Roman Republic fell when an elected leader became dictator-for-life. And the Roman Empire fell, in part, due to plague.

    Res ipsa loquitur.


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