02 September 2019

Muir Woods

Posted because this photo brings back memories of one of my most favorite hiking days ever.  About 35-40 years ago I attended a national convention in San Francisco to present a paper.   I then skipped out of the meeting for a day to drive with a couple colleagues up to Marin county to hike these woods and later visit local roadside wine and cheese establishments.

Muir Woods National Monument is flat-out awesome.  I quite agree with a comment at the CozyPlaces via for this image that the best way to appreciate the grandeur is to get away from the paved trail and the attendant tourists and walk back someplace where you can be alone and gaze upward at the trees.


  1. I'm glad you got a chance to go there. The redwoods are incredible, and I agree that getting off the path is better. However, there are 300 miles of redwoods north of Muir Woods. In other words, that's just the start. Well, there are redwoods as far south as Santa Cruz and I think Big Sur, but they go all the way into Oregon, off and on along the coast. If you ever make it out to Northern California again, I hope you (or, well, anyone) get(s) a chance to ride through the Avenue of the Giants, which starts about three or four hours north of SF by car.

  2. I loved Muir Woods. Lucky enough to have visited a few times over the years. Thanks for sparking the memory.


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