22 September 2019

Google Streetview map

Almost no coverage of Germany and Austria except for major urban areas.

This gives me an excuse to ask a question.  I thought there was an app or a website or a command one could execute in Google Maps that would automatically scroll through the images from point A to point B without having to go click-by-click (which can be tedious).   If so, I've lost the link or the knowledge of how to do this.

Via the Europe subreddit.


  1. That facility would allow me to wander the world's highways, at speed, with impunity !
    What fun, what joy and what fantastic petrol savings !
    Surely something so enjoyable could not be permitted

  2. Germans and Austrians are historically against other people invading their countries.
    Oh wait, .... I may have that wrong.
    Mein fehler.

  3. that's because they spefically banned Google street view. They see it as an invasion of privacy.


  4. It would make playing Geoguesser.com a lot more fun if you didn't have to click repeatedly.


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