10 November 2017

School daze

From Real Life Adventures.


  1. Sounds like Middle School.
    All teachers in grades 6-8 should be issued whips, chairs and tasers

    I used to be a student in those grades, I Know.

  2. I regularly volunteer in a middle school classroom and it's quite variable. There are serious students who manage to stay focused... and then there are near-feral kids who seem to consume most of the teacher's resources of time and attention.

  3. I taught at a junior high school, and whe it was about to transition to a middle school, I ran away to high school.

  4. I'm in my (lucky) 13th year of teaching high school. That means I've graded 1,200 Gatsby papers, Of Mice and Men papers and 3,600 from other pieces of literature. At 8 minutes of grading per paper, that comes to 48k minutes (800 hours) of grading thus far in my career. I'll take juniors and their essays over the feral students any day! Hats off to you all!

    [RAISES GLASS] To all those who teach the feral and the 800ish hours of essays I have left in my career.

    Bartender, I need a refill.

  5. That last comment was from me.


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