27 November 2017


Photo via the Pics subreddit, where the discussion thread notes the potential lethality of beach logs.


  1. Before logging, dams, roads, etc lots of large trees washed from the land into the oceans where it played a crucial role in pelagic ecosystems, e.g., http://www.bedim.cl/publications/thiel%26gutowOMBAR2005aCORR.pdf and http://organicandsustainablegardening.yolasite.com/resources/Part%205.pdf

    The rate of large wood input to the ocean has been dramatically reduced due to human activities, so the oceans probably suffer from a deficit of large wood.

    1. Wow. Very interesting longreads (with a new word for me: gribble)

      I unfortunately have little exposure to ocean coasts. The lakes in northern MN and WI have an abundance of wood - residua of old logging and drowned shoreside timber from lake expansion when the Army Corps of Engineers dams lake outlets to rivers to expand the lakes and exert some control over seasonal flooding. I think all that wood in our lake bottoms contributes to their productivity of game fish.

      The loss of driftwood on coastal river habitat and ocean shoreline stabilization is something I hadn't thought about. thank you.


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