19 November 2017

iPhone in a 1937 painting - and in an 1860 painting. And 1918.

Image cropped for size from the original at Vice's Motherboard, where the painting is discussed.

Reposted to add this image (cropped for emphasis) from “The Expected One,” an 1860 work by Austrian painter Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller:

Discussed (and explained) at Vice's Motherboard.

Source image for the 1860 painting.

I found this man, texting his friends -

Ivan Vladimirov: On the streets of Petrograd, 1918

- in a post about the October Revolution in Poemas del Rio Wang.


  1. That is why the Europeans came to North America - for the technology. That was the origin of the term "hostile take over".

  2. It looks like an obsidian mirror to me...

  3. :-) that is what happens when apple makes a humongous donation to restore a painting: 'when that varnish overlay came off, we were surprised to discover what had really been painted there.' :-)



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