08 November 2017

Bookmobile, Jefferson County Texas, 1935

From the Foodporn, historyporn, earthporn tumblr, via Ego is a rat on the sinking ship of being.


  1. "And so, Mr. Jenkins," the judge says, "you have been charged with stealing the town's bookmobile. How do you plead?"

    "Not guilty, Your Honor!"

    The judge shakes his head. "What do you mean, 'Not guilty'? YOU WERE SEEN BY A DOZEN WITNESSES!"

    "But Your Honor! I had it back in two weeks!"


    Yes, that's a _really old_ joke. Goes back at least to the 1960's.

  2. we had a bookmobile while the library was undergoing renovations. the selection was so small, in comparison, that it felt like i was being forced to read something i did not want to read.


  3. Finally I get to use this dusty M.L.I.S I have sitting around...

    It was possible that this book mobile was actually the first library in it's town. During the fronteer era libraries were often seen as the first signs that civilization was coming to a small town or camp, and so "traveling libraries" were employed creating the world's first bookmobiles. Basically a larger town with a library would send it's traveling libraries out to rural parts to give access to books in those places as well.

    They even had wagons drawn by horses in earlier periods. Check out a pic of the horse drawn traveling library here: http://www.libraryhistorybuff.com/traveling-us.htm


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