16 November 2016

Two-headed sharks are now a thing

As reported by National Geographic:
Two-headed sharks may sound like a figment of the big screen, but they exist—and more are turning up worldwide, scientists say... [four examples cited]...

Sans-Coma and colleagues say a genetic disorder seems to be the most plausible cause for the two-headed catshark... But wild sharks' malformations could come from a variety of factors, including viral infections, metabolic disorders, pollution, or a dwindling gene pool due to overfishing, which leads to inbreeding, and thus genetic abnormalities...

Galván-Magaña, who authored the 2011 study, doesn't think two-headed sharks are more common—but rather that there are more scientific journals around to publish accounts.


  1. I had always heard that one of the first signs of contamination and pollution at a local level was 2 headed frogs. So, needless to say, anytime I am walking near a pond or lake, I always keep an eye out. It'll be a sad day when I see my first.

  2. that one looks like it is two-tailed as well.


  3. Who knew sci-fi channel was prophetic. Watch out for Shark Nados now.....


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