16 November 2016

Product shrinkage

A rant from The Guardian:
I’m not sure I understand the problem. It looks nothing like a Toblerone any more! It looks like a Toblerone rip-off you might buy from unmarked cardboard boxes in markets!
I see. Why has this happened? Because Toblerone is a penny pincher. A gappy new Toblerone contains less chocolate than before, which makes them less expensive to make.
Surely in the face of rising ingredient prices, this is a sensible way to protect the consumer. Then just have fewer triangles! Make the bars shorter! Don’t turn them into this gappy monstrosity! It simply isn’t British!
You know that Toblerone is Swiss, right? Actually smartypants, I think you’ll find it is owned by Mondelēz, an American multinational company.
Wait a second, did you say Mondelēz? I did.
Isn’t that the company that bought Cadbury in 2009? Now you come to mention it, yes. It’s the company that took Dairy Milk out of Creme Eggs last year. It’s the company that stopped producing Cadbury chocolate coins. The company that rounded the squares in Dairy Milk bars. The company that put Cadbury chocolate in cheese spread, and put Ritz crackers in Cadbury chocolate, and covered Roses in those miserable tear-open wrappers...
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  1. I would much rather they either shrink the length, or increase the price.

  2. Spacing the mountain peaks as shown makes it much easier to bite into a bar.
    There is less lateral pressure on one's teeth.

  3. The Consumerist blog notes many examples of this. They call it the "Shrink Ray".

    I highly recommend you follow the above link, then go to the grocery store and confirm that they are right.

  4. We had one of the new Toblerones to share in the office earlier this week. They're very sad specimens. The old ones looked like wonderful, chocolately mountain peaks. The new ones look like a very ineffective toast rack.

    Mondalēz/Kraft's acquisition of Cadbury has not gone unlamented here in the UK. They're doing all kinds of horrible things to chocolates that I've spent the last 40 years enjoying: the most egregious being what they've done to Creme Eggs. I remember being given my first by a teacher dressed as the Easter Bunny when I was about 4, at Kindergarten: they stayed exactly (and deliciously) the same until the takeover, when the smooth, velvety Dairy Milk chocolate shell was replaced with something that tastes sour and powdery, a bit like Hershey's. The nation laments the change every Easter.

  5. Mondalez also owns Oreo brand cookie. I've stopped eating them. They took all the jobs from America and are now produced in Mexico by workers earning poverty wages. AND they are made with gmo's. They TASTE different - definately not as good. Screw Mondalez.


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