15 November 2016

From the company that used to offer "the friendly skies"

United Continental Holdings Inc will become the first big U.S. airline to limit low-fare customers to one carry-on bag that fits under a seat... 

United, the No. 3 U.S. airline by passengers carried, said customers who bought its cheapest fares would not be assigned seats until the day of departure, meaning people on the same ticket may be split apart.

United will also prohibit these travelers from carrying on bags that can only fit in overhead bins, and they will not accrue miles toward elite status.

The company expects the moves to add $4.8 billion to its annual operating income by 2020, although the figure does not include rising wages.  Fare initiatives such as "basic economy" will account for $1 billion of this, as more customers pay to check bags or select higher fares that give them two "free" carry-ons.
The classic rolling carry-on, of course, does not fit under a seat.  More at Reuters.


  1. Stuff like this is horrifying. As if aeroplane flights weren't torture enough already. (I speak as someone on the autism spectrum, which is very relevant in this context.)

  2. We drive airlines to compete for the bottom of the price pile; we all want to fly coast to coast for [pick a number]. So in order to survive they pay employees less and less, they cut back on services that cost them money, they charge for services to generate revenue for those who don't want to give them up. Now having pushed bulk and, as important, weight to carry-on from checked-in luggage, they institute this charge. They win both ways: if you don't pay to bring a carry-on, the plane is lighter and they burn less fuel; if you do pay, well, excellent revenue!

    Can't have $50 dollar flights and all the amenities, both.

    I'd rather get the one checked bag and a reasonable size carry-on and have my ticket cost a bit higher.

  3. I'd just like to point out that we could all get a free checked bag if it weren't for government market distortion.


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