20 November 2016

Switched at birth?

Cropped slightly for size from the original at the Funny subreddit.


  1. I'm a dog sitter, so I spend a lot of time walking dogs. Every now and then, I see people walking with dogs in strollers. I can't understand it! Dogs love to walk and sniff the "peemail".

  2. From the parent perspective: I always mocked leashes for kids -- until one time, while flying cross country to bring my 18 month old son to see my parents and (my arms full with carry ons and booster seat) I had him walking by my side until during a last minute gate change, the rushing crowd swept him away from me (yes, people can be jerks.) After that, I became a leash believer. (And some kids, including autistic kids, are impulsive and lack a sense of danger and so can dash into traffic before you can react.) The dog stroller, though, is ridiculous.


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