21 November 2016

Islamic silver coins found in Sweden

"An interesting find from Uppland in Sweden where archaeologist working for Arkeologikonsult have uncovered a hoard of 163 Islamic coins. Fashioned out of silver, the coins contain Arabic script and the majority were minted in Samarkand, an Islamic state which was located in modern day Uzbekistan and Iran. They date from the mid-10th century AD and were discovered in a much older, prehistoric mound that was erected during the Swedish Bronze Age. This is not overly surprising as such monuments were often reused during the Viking age for votive offerings."
More details at Irish Archaeology.


  1. these should not be a surprise (other than the find itself) - there was active trade between scandinavia and persia back in the day. i am sure there is a buried throve of furs just waiting to be found in the persian lands.


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