04 September 2016

"We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set..."

In May, voters approved a bond election to help pay for a new high school stadium in McKinney at the price of $63.5 million.

Three months later, the district says the price has gone up to nearly $70 million. The district says the roughly nine-percent increase comes from more expensive concrete and labor than builders planned for.
Let me repeat that for the hearing-impaired:  70 million dollars for a high school football stadium.

Funded by private donations and rich alumni?  Nope:
The bulk of the funding for the project comes from a $220 million bond package that voters approved earlier this year.
Via American School and University, which adds -
When the McKinney stadium was being called the most expensive ever, officials pointed to other districts in football-mad Texas that were building comparable athletic facilities. The price attached to those projects did not include infrastructure costs, McKinney officials asserted, and if they were included, the projects would be more costly.

A stadium being built in the Katy (Texas) district is estimated to cost $62.5 million, and a stadium in the Allen (Texas) district cost about $60 million.
Why?  Because Texas.


  1. Calhoun stadium to receive $5 million facelift, Keldy Ortiz March 2, 2014 at 8:03 p.m, Victoria Advocate, Victoria Texas. When I think of the library, the lab, the computers 5 million could buy. And this was just for a "facelift".

  2. Unfortunately, in Texas High School Football is God.

  3. I'm trying to imagine $70 million allotted for a high school science center.

    All that money instead spent on a game, one where only a few students out of the entire student population will play.


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