08 September 2016

TYWKIWDBI likes Nomorobo

There is an obvious downside to having a listed landline in a "swing state" in an election year.  We have been harassed with "robocalls" for months, but one evening while watching the CBS evening news I saw a segment about "Nomorobo."
...software that detects high frequency calling patterns, and answers any robo-generated number calling, and hangs up before people have to deal with it.
And the price was right: "Nomorobo costs nothing to install on your landline."

It doesn't block all spam or marketing calls - just the ones that are computer-generated.  But we are delighted with the result.  In the afternoon and evenings our phone will occasionally ring once.  Then stop.  And without even the annoyance of a message on the answering machine.  I don't know of any downside.

Here's the company's website.


  1. Nomorobo is great. I signed up several months ago and love it! No downsides that I can see.

  2. We get automated calls from the pharmacy that our prescriptions are ready. Do you think it blocks those as well?

    1. SG, I can't offer a definitive answer, but I do know that I have continued to receive automated calls from my discount broker since installing Nomorobo.

  3. THANK YOU for posting this. I set it up yesterday. This morning I received 2 robocalls from the same number. Each time the phone rang once, just long enough for the number to register on the caller ID ("toll free call") and then it stopped.

    I can attest that it works with A T & T Uverse phone service. It does NOT work with Tracfone cell service, but I have that covered with an Android call-blocking app.


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