22 September 2016

Anticipating the first debate

"These debates would be must-watch TV because they would be the most extreme contrast of personal, intellectual, and political styles in America’s democratic history. Right brain versus left brain; gut versus any portion of the brain at all; impulse versus calculation; id versus superego; and of course man versus woman. The two parties’ conventions this summer were stark contrasts in tone, stagecraft, and lineup of speakers. But they took place in different cities at different times. The first debate will be a matter-meets-antimatter conjunction at a single point..."
Excerpted from a well-written Atlantic article by the always knowledgeable James Fallows.


  1. The only appropriate things to bring to such a show will be popcorn and whiskey. Popcorn for the show; whiskey to drown the sorrows.

    1. I'm not sure whiskey is going to be strong enough...


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